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We're not your average AV company. We're a full-fledged media house with video production, digital signage display, event prouction and content creation capabilities. We house a team of producers and designers capable of doing everything from updating your menu board with a flashy new design to producing your company's next quarterly livestream.

Content Build Capability

Showing Your Best Work

Our media design team has the right eye for finding a perfect balance between form and function. We believe the secret to good media design and content creation is the art of storytelling. We approach each project with an eye for securing the visual representation what speaks the most clearly for your brand, business or capability.

Visual Assets

Help desk services can be beneficial to companies of all sizes. Companies that have their own internal technology staff can use help desk services to outsource support for the solving of end-user issues, which are typically repetitive with a limited need for advanced technical expertise.

Digital Signage

Updates and maintenance affect the impact impacts hardware, software, and firmware differently. Through a channel of recurring or as-needed support, positive changes to an environments performance can be discovered and realized often with the the end-user even knowing. Performing regular updates and maintenance is a top-tier consideration when concerns over reliablility and security are at hand.

Website & Email

Leverage our integrations with email providers, AdTech platforms, website platforms and SMS tools to implement complex testing methodologies with ease.

Videos & Events

Many technology issues can be resolved remotely using screen sharing technology, phones and cloud control systems. However, the issues which often bring a business to a standstill usually involve physical failures or systemic issues that may not be easily corrected remotely. We work with our clients online and over the phone to remotely solve issues where possible.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"Through our support-level agreement with Crescent Digital, we were able to discover new features in our existing hardware without even knowing they were available to us!"

Content Build Capability

How We're Different

Crescent Digital treats support differently. We believe a holistic approach to ensuring harmony between the end-user, support staff and the hardware it self. By working transparently with our customers about their issues and concerns, we're able to provide training to end-users of all skill levels and solve problems regarding hardware often before they ever start. We believe a proactive approach to support is the clear path to a great and lasting relationship, while our customers view our approach as quick, snappy and able to move fast.

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