We Help As Often As We Work 

Employees want to support the causes they care about. Purpose-driven organizations want to maximize their impact.

With our Crescent Cares program, everyone experiences the rewards of giving—employees, employers and the organizations and communities they support.

Nonprofit Support

We aim to lift others up.

As an organization we believe in the spirit of giving back and helping heal conditions or causes for those in need. As. such, Crescent Digital regularly gives to charitable organizations through the means of financial support, donated services or sponsorship of nonprofit fundraising events.

Marathons & Outings

We offer corporate sponsorships and employee participation programs for marathon events, golf outings and other joint athletic events designed to create awareness or raise funding for causes.

Employee Contribution

In some cases, we match employee contributions up to a certain amount in order to streamline the donation process for individuals looking to ensure they are regularly contributing to causes.

Donated Services

We work with a number of nonprofit groups in the Cleveland area and beyond in order to support them from a technical perspective on AV, media and content creation.

Athletics Programs

We work closely with an accredited athletics organization responsible for providing a detailed athletics program to children and young adults with special needs.

Charities We Support

Empower Sports

Nonprofit Support

How We're Different

At Crescent Digital, we're different because we simply care. There is no agenda beyond our desire to give back and help organizations and communities in need of outreach, funding, technical support or other assistance. We work with groups in the Cleveland area and beyond in order to make an impact on our local community as well as those beyond our immediate reach.

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