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Every message comes down to good content: what's interesting, what's engaging and most importantly, what matters.

We take spaces all over the world—offices, retail spaces, conference rooms—and transform them into immersive A/V environments.

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AV Client Work at a Glance


Willis Towers Watson, Chicago

Crescent Digital developed AV standards and guidelines for Willis Towers Watson and deployed AV systems in all offices.

UBS, Detroit

Crescent Digital developed AV standards and guidelines for UBS and deployed video walls and AV systems.

Marriott, Cleveland

Crescent Digital developed solutions for all integrated system needs in Cleveland's Key Tower.

Every Space Can Tell a Story

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Media Distribution Work at a Glance

Working with the marketing team at Hertvik Insurance, we were able to develop a consistent branding program within the company's brand new facility.

Using the latest in LG display technology coupled with our Centrcor system, Hertvik's approach to digital signage was made possible using a variety of realtime feeds (weather, time, entertainment) as well as marketing videos and greeting cards for incoming clients.

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Quick, Intuitive Content Building


Centrcor Media Distribution

Centrcor is a cloud-based platform designed to distribute digital media throughout a facility using easy-to-design "cards" that may consist of nearly anything a business requires for visual marking.

Some components include layered images or text with options to animate, video, streaming video (YouTube, YouTube Live), weather, time/date, and social media components.

Our design team works with you to develop a campaign that's right for your facility while our hardware team configures your physical environment for Centrcor display.


Media Client Work at a Glance


LG Hardware at PGA Senior Tour

Crescent Digital utilized three 3x3 video walls to display advertising and contest content at Firestone Country Club.

"Rock the Park" Festival

Crescent Digital filmed a city concert series over the course of four months to produce a "hype" video.

Private Client

Crescent Digital produced a "hype" style pitch video for a private client's investment package.

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

Crescent Digital produced a piece highlighting Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse's transformation.

PGA Senior Tour

Crescent Digital created a loop piece for guests at the Firestone stop of the PGA Senior Tour.

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