Crescent Digital

Custom Media Solutions

Crescent Digital is an electronics integrator servicing both businesses and residences. Our experts focus on all phases of your project. From system design and hardware integration to implementation and support, we’re committed to providing a professional customized solution for you. Read all about us.


Commercial AV

Our goal is to effectively create solutions that enable our customers to harness the ever growing power of technology and simplify their everyday lives.

Residential AV

Crescent Digital is an innovative leader in intelligent home technology systems, providing convenient, secure and customized solutions for the residential market.

Webcast Platform

Our Venstream Cloud Platform delivers complete online events with branding, registration, live streaming, detailed viewer reports and great viewer experiences.

Commercial and Residential AV Integration

Crescent Digital is an innovative leader in intelligent home and office technology systems implementation, providing convenient, secure and customized solutions for the commercial and residential markets. At Crescent Digital, our team of experts design, install, and support systems in the following areas:


  • Distributed Audio and Video
  • Conference and Board Rooms
  • Presentation Rooms
  • Custom Furnishings
  • Training Centers
  • Theater Systems
  • Acoustics

Security & Lighting

  • Alarms and Sensors
  • CCTV Cameras
  • CCTV Monitors
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Climate Control

  • Easy to Use Climate Control
  • Single or Multi-Zone Comfort

Infrastructure and Communications

  • Structural Wiring
  • Phone Systems
  • Home Networks
  • Intercoms
  • Wiring
  • Internet Connectivity

Intelligent Control Technologies

  • Customizable Interfaces
  • Made to Match Usage Specifications

From system analysis, design, and hardware integration to implementation, software configuration, and quality assurance testing; Crescent Digital’s primary focus is always customer satisfaction.

Choosing Crescent Digital as your intelligent home and business partner not only affords you the cost-saving benefits of a single-source, but more importantly, it opens access to our unique capabilities, resources and expertise that provide you with the return on investment you demand.

Webcasting & Webinars

Business Class Live Streaming and Online Presentations

Crescent Digital provides a business class presentation webinar and event streaming cloud platform. We will help you build your brand image with customizable event and player pages and help you connect with your audience through controllable audience interactivity, customizable registration, and detailed viewer reports.