Presentation Webinars

Easily deliver live presentations online to audiences from 10 to 10,000.

Available as fully managed or self serve.

Webinars that work
Our webinars use current web standards to deliver presentations that are easy to watch. All your presenters and viewers need is a current web browser.Avaibale as fully managed and produced webinars or as an economical self serve platform, our webinars deliver reliable live presentations to a global audience with instant replay.

Webinar brochure

Webinar Features

Event Setup

  • Easy web based client center
  • Branded event page
  • Customizable registration
  • Integrated system test
  • Training included (managed only)
  • Pre event testing
  • Share link or embed on your page

Reporting & Registration

  • Who registered
  • Who watched live
  • Who watched the replay
  • Who did not watch
  • Audience questions

Event Control

  • Web based control room
  • Easy slide control
  • Moderated audience questions
  • Private chat for presenters
  • See who is watching
  • Open event to audience
  • Start / stop recording

Managed Features

  • Producer driven
  • Presenter training
  • Global streaming up to 10,000
  • VOIP, Telephone and HTTP streaming

Self Serve features

  • Available 24 x 7
  • Unlimited webinars
  • Up to 200 people
  • VOIP or telephone

On Demand

  • Replays your webinar
  • Registration continues
  • Reports continue
  • Share link or embed on your site
  • See real time viewer data

Exceptional Viewer Experience

Your live webinars and replays will play inside of a branded player that delivers large screen slides, crisp clear audio and extreme compatibility. Most desktop and mobile users only need a current browser to participate in your webinar.

Get Started with Ease

Our dashboard makes it easy to create live webinars, check on your registrations and more, Consider this command central for all your webinar and webcast production needs.

Build Brand Recognition

Build your brand image by sharing your branded event page or embed the event into your own site (even for live events!). We provide a complete online event that is comparable to physical events, from viewer registration to a moderated Q&A session.

Collect Real Viewer Data

With customizable registration forms, you get to decide what information you want to collect. See who registered, who watched the live event, who watched the replay, who didn’t watch, and more in your detailed viewer reports.

One Platform

A single platform that can produce and manage all your webinar and live streaming needs. Available as self serve or managed.