Building Things Right From the Start

At Crescent Digital, our process almost always begins with the Design phase during which everything required for a project's successful deployment is drawn up on architectural documents and scoped out, space by space, with each area's requirements determined and fully fleshed out in preparation for the Build phase.


Prior to Breaking Ground

Often our clients break ground and begin construction prior to executing a Design/Build phase, leaving a number of unanswered questions on the table. To combat this, Crescent Digital deploys a staff of expert Design/Build engineers to develop the correct plans and methods of execution before the point of no return occurs.


A phase of understanding begins with Discovery, allowing Crescent Digital to determine, based on the client's input, how each physical space should work in accordance with its AV architecture and technical needs.

Client Audit

Technology only works as well as those managing it. As such, Crescent Digital works with its clients to determine the best user-level needed for a seamless, easy-to-use deployment coupled with adequate training and support as appropriate leave-behinds after the installation is complete.

Option Delivery

After Discovery and Audit phases are complete, a number of manufacturer options are created at a technology and price-point level to determine what may be best for the client's technical needs as well as budgetary limitations.

Go Forward

We take great pride in doing successful Design/Build phases for our clients as this process ultimately makes the integration of the actual project much easier and more streamlined for all teams involved.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

"We saved quite a bit of money AND received exactly what we were looking for from a technical perspective without falling into the trap of scope creep that we've had into in the past."


How We're Different

Crescent Digital believes wholly in the Design/Build phase of our projects. In our experience this is a service that isn't always offered by our competitors, yet we understand the holistic importance of this phase without focusing solely in the implementation. This is a critical step in the process of drafting and deploying a successful AV installation.

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