Crescent Digital – Thistledown Racino

Crescent Digital AV Solutions – Thistledown Racino

The Opportunity

Racetracks and casinos use massive amounts of video. Thistledown Racino needed an AV Integrator who understood entertainment and could provide prompt service.


Everything from video walls bars and point of sale needed to be installed, managed and supported…

The Solution

Crescent Digital stepped in to provide prompt, professional installation and service for all of Thistledown’s AV needs.

Fun in the digital age

Throughout Thistledown you will find video being distributed to large screens and video walls and all of it is seamlessly integrated to flow with the ambiance of the experience..


Tell us about your AV needs.

Tell us about your AV needs


Audio along with video is distributed throughout the Racino.

Televisions and Projection

Everything from video walls to enormous displays are part of the AV Integration Crescent Digital provided.

 Control Systems

Crescent Digital provided iPads with custom software that makes selecting a video source easy.

Point of Sale

Through out the Racino you will find large displays and many are used for point of sale information. From video walls to distributed video we have you covered.

 International Service

Crescent Digital provides service across North America and the Caribbean.

24/7 Service and Support

Our service and support department keeps things running at full efficiency for our clients. As your partner in technology our rapid response team is here to make sure you are operational.