Crescent Digital Solutions – Punch Bowl Social

Crescent Digital Solutions – Punch Bowl Social


The Opportunity

Punch Bowl Social is an innovative chain of restaurants combing social games with food, drink and entertainment. As a fast growth company, PBS needed an AV Integrator that could consistently deliver quality work all across North America.

Each PBS requires a complex network of data, video and applications be integrated with large screen TVs, Karaoke rooms, satellite TV feeds,and security cameras. All of the technology needed to be simple to operate and reliable.

The Solution

Crescent Digital was hired to do work on the new Cleveland PBS. We brought our usual professionalism and expertise to the project. Our work soon expanded to cover all existing and new PBS across the United States.

A team of our installation professionals handled the wiring, routing and infra structure build out while our programmers developed the code for the simple iPad interface that controls the advanced AV. When completed the installation fully integrated all aspects of data, media and security into a professional solution.


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Punch Bowl Social is a party and parties need great sound. Audio is distributed and controlled to all speakers, Karaoke rooms and Televisions via our Av network.

Televisions and Projection

Huge screens are everywhere at PBS, each meticulously installed by our professionals.




 Control Systems

Operational control is easy thanks to iPads and the custom application we created for Punch Bowl Social. We made it easy for their staf to controll all aspects of this advanced AV installation.

CCTV and Security

Social events need security and Punch Bowl Social has live CCTV and recorded content covering their spaces along with access control.

International Installation

Our instalklation crews operate across the United States and into many International destinations. When you need professional installation we have you covered.

24/7 Service and Support

Our service and support department keeps things running at full efficiency for our clients. As your partner in technology our rapid response team is here to make sure you are operational.